Dec 102008

We now all know that there is brand increase by using Search Engine Marketing (SEM). This has been proven previously before a report titled brand lift of search conducted by back in 2007. This year Google in April 2008 together with Media Screen has releases a study titled ‘ Brand Value of Search ‘. The study was done on the consumer packaged goods industry and proves that employing search marketing as an advertising vehicle will positively impact a brand’s key metrics.

The key takeaways are: Search build brands

  • Brand presence anywhere on a search results page positively impacts key brand metrics
  • You have greater control over your message with paid search, especially on a generic search term SERP (Search Engine Results Page)
  • Paid search as a branding vehicle: –Drives top of mind awareness for your brand and negatively impacts awareness for your competitive set. –Impressions provide “free” brand lift, without the CPC investment.

I do agree that most of its key takeaways are accurate except for the last point where impressions provide free brand lift. My reasoning for that is your ad might record an impression but it does not mean that the search user will see your ad. i.e. He/she might be looking at only the first 5 listings and if your ad is on the bottom 5; the searcher will not see your ad. Therefore, this impression recorded is not true. So if the searcher didn’t see your ad, why would it provide free brand lift?

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